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Lymphedema Products
For patients with vascular disorders, our certified compression garment fitters will measure you and assist with the wear and care of lymphedema products. Products are available for both upper or lower extremity lymphedema.

Compression Garment Fitting Session
We have certified garment fitters to take accurate measurements and provide you with the highest quality garment. Whether you need custom or ready-to-wear garments, a measurement by one of our staff members will assure a proper fit.

A certified fitter must work with a patient to ensure lymphedema garments fit comfortably. Patients often need more than one garment because therapy treatments and the lymphedema garments itself can alter the affected limb during this process. With daily use, sleeves wear out and must be refitted and replaced about every 6 months. Most custom garments must be refitted and replaced about once a year.

Mastectomy Fitting Services
After having breast surgery, many women struggle with accepting their new body image. Breast forms can help you to feel “whole” again, whether you’ve had a mastectomy or breast conserving surgery.

You are able to see a post-mastectomy fitter about six to eight weeks after breast surgery. If you’ve had a mastectomy, your incision should be healed by then.
If you’ve had breast-conserving surgery, you can benefit from a fitting as well - there are many partial prostheses and specially-fitted bras available which will fill in the missing portion of the breast and provide symmetry.

What to Expect at a Post-Mastectomy Fitting
At the fitting, you will be seen by a certified post-mastectomy fitter. They are trained to fit bras and prostheses, know which products are right for the type of surgery you had, and can handle any special circumstances you may have.
Your fitting will be done in a private, comfortable fitting room. Your fitter will first check the mastectomy site to be sure there isn’t any drainage or open wounds.
She will then take measurements of your chest - around the rib cage and chest wall - to determine the proper bra size. A properly fitting bra is important to ensure a natural fit for the prosthesis.
Once measurements have been taken, your fitter will note the shape and drape of your existing breast and recommend a prosthesis that most closely matches those dimensions. If you have lost both breasts, your fitter will make recommendations based on your body dimensions.

Your fitter will place a drape or smock on you and show you in a mirror how the prosthesis looks. Be sure to let your fitter know how you feel - tell her if there is something you’re not happy with or if you’d like to try something different.
A yearly visit to your fitter is recommended, as your body will change over time due to weight and hormonal fluctuations. Regular visits to your fitter will help to maintain symmetry between the natural breast and the prosthesis.
Before you leave your fitting, you will receive instructions on the proper use and care of your prosthesis.

Do I need to make an appointment before coming to Rivas Medical Supplies?
Making an appointment for a compression garment, breast prosthesis, or bra fitting is helpful to us so we can give you our full attention and reduce your wait time. By scheduling ahead, we can verify the necessary prescription and insurance information, which will minimize your wait when you come in for your consultation. You can be confident that we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

To schedule an appointment, please call one of our locations listed above.

If we are able to accommodate walk-ins, we will be more than happy to help you.